How to Set cPanel email sending limits per domain

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I’m sure many of you who have a Dedicated server or a VPS and have clients hosted on them , recently i needed a VPS with cPanel/WHM to host around 10 domains on  the server , in the past i had a bad records with yahoo , and all emails from my server was getting deferred and non of the email were going through , I found out that one of the accounts on cPanel was sending a big Number of emails hourly  because in WHM tweak settings i had the email sending limit per hour for all domains hosted on the server, So i was looking for a way to keep the eMail sending limits as it is on the server but prevent any domain i want from sending as others account and set  the hourly sending limit per domain/account instead of all accounts on server
in there is the following :

The first open is getting the maxemailsperhour that you have set in WHM Tweak Settings . The second open is opening a file /var/cpanel/maxemails and reading in domain=number pairs. If the domain for the email matches then the number overrides the WHM Tweak Settings > email one.

So, if you want to exempt a domain from maxemailsperhour, create that file and put in it:

If you just want to set a higher limit for a domain on the server (or different domains), you can use: